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The Enoteca Rossa Promise

Since first opening in 2015, Enoteca Rossa has become known around Houston for its promise of authentic Italian cuisine and high quality wine—served in an upscale, rustic trattoria setting.

The True Meaning of "Enoteca"

Enoteca quite literally means "wine bar". Based on the restaurant/wine bar’s growing popularity, Houston residents will be excited to learn that we are launching the Enoteca Rossa Wine Circle. This circle will help us meet the demand of customers wanting to learn more about wine appreciation, as well as those looking for more social events in the local Bellaire community. The Enoteca Rossa Wine Circle is designed to provide bi-monthly wine tasting Houston events in Bellaire, TX, on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Wine Director, Brian Brossa

Masterminding this new venture is Brian Brossa, resident wine director for both Enoteca Rossa, and its sister restaurant, Candelari’s. Brian’s local roots, as well as his extensive history as a wine purchaser and distributor, make him an ideal figure to spearhead our new club. And just as he himself was passionately initiated into the world of wine by his own father, Brian’s real passion is helping others learn how to taste, appreciate, and pair wines for their own personal enjoyment.

Calling All Wine Enthusiasts

The Enoteca Rossa Wine Circle provides wine tasting Houston events for all wine enthusiasts. It's the perfect place for wine drinkers of all levels of experience to taste and appreciate a variety of wines in a casual, entertaining social setting, while meeting new people and enjoying a variety of complimentary appetizers.

View our Official Wine Tasting Houston Event Schedule HERE.

The Enoteca Rossa Wine Circle



Bi-Monthly Wine Tasting Houston Events



1st & 3rd Tuesday of Every Month @ 6:30pm



Beginning to experienced Wine lovers & enthusiasts;

Those Curious About Wines



4566 Bissonnet Ave, Houston, Texas 77401


Enoteca Rossa Wine Circle | Bi-Monthly Wine Tasting Houston Events - Bellaire, TX