Brian Brossa

Wine Director, Enoteca Rossa

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An Uncommon Introduction to Wine

Brian Brossa was introduced to wine at an early age by his father, who taught him that understanding wine was similar to understanding a luxurious, gold-threaded wallpaper. “See all the gold thread, woven throughout this room,” he had told Brian. “This room isn’t about those little details, it’s about the whole experience. The sum of the parts. The same is true for wine.”


Similar to gold-spun wall paper, Brian would soon learn that while some wines would only be truly understood and appreciated by master tasters or master winemakers, the same wine could easily be enjoyed by all.

What It’s Like to Fall in Love with a New Wine

“I have heard that there are over 200,000 brands of wine in the world, and I well believe it,” says Brian. “You can taste 10-20 new wines every day and never taste the same wine twice. I did that for seven years as a wine distributor. But falling in love with a new wine happens just past the smelling and the sipping. It’s when you take the second sip and it’s just an incredible experience. It doesn’t happen all the time, of course, but when it does you just keep telling yourself, wow. When that happens, it isn’t about the little details, it’s about the sum of the parts. It’s just a complete wine. The balance is there and the craftsmanship shows through.”

The Enoteca Rossa Wine Club

After years of sipping, tasting, and pairing, Brian believes that the most important thing for people to know about wine is that whatever wine they like, that is the right wine for them.


What he loves most about the Enoteca Rossa Wine Club is being able to expose people to good wine. “Frankly there is so much wine out there,” he confesses, “that generally speaking you’re looking for a tasting experience that exceeds the price you pay for it. To get started, you need someone that can guide you to a good bottle that you can remember, rely on, and trust, as you gain familiarity with more and more wines. Whether you’re at dinner, on a date, with friends, or even by yourself, I honestly believe that wine should be on every table.

Other Interests

In addition to wine, Brian Brossa is a hobbiest farmer at his home on the outskirts of town. There he raises bees and chickens, grows vegetables, herbs, and flowers, as well as a pecan grove. His children are homeschooled by his wife, and collectively work together to keep the family farm running smoothly.

Brian Brossa, Wine Director | Enoteca Rossa